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Payment Methods: Paybox Direct

Country Acceptance: Europe


Paybox Services provides merchant accounts and eCommerce payment services for merchants in Europe. This article explains how to configure Paybox Direct for your Magento Go store.

For field descriptions, see Configuration: Payment Methods - Paybox Direct.

Step 1: Open a Paybox Merchant Account

The first step is to establish a Paybox merchant account. As you go through the process, take note of the following information, which you will need to complete the configuration in Magento Go:

  • Site Number (TPE)
  • Rank Number
  • Activated Key
  • URL of the Primary Payment Server
  • URL of the Backup Payment Server

For more information about opening a Paybox merchant account, visit their site at:

Step 2: Configure Paybox Direct for your store

  1. From the Admin panel of Magento Go, select System > Configuration > Payment Methods.
  2. Click to expand the Paybox Direct section. Then, do the following:
    1. Set Enabled to Yes.
    2. In the Title field, enter the name for this payment method that customers will see during checkout. By default, the title is set to “Paybox Direct.”
    3. Enter the following information from your Paybox Direct merchant account:
      • Site Number (TPE)
      • Rank Number
      • Activated Key
      • URL of the Primary Payment Server
      • URL of the Backup Payment Server
    4. To record the details of all exchanges between your Magento Go store and Paybox Direct in a log file, set Debug Flag to Yes.
      Note: In accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), credit card information is not recorded in the log file.
    5. From the list, select the designation you want to appear in your store for New Order Status.
    6. Set Payment Action to one of the following:
      • Authorize Only: After an order is submitted, Paybox Direct authorizes the transaction. Your Magento Go store administrator must log in to the merchant account on Paybox Direct to capture the transaction.
      • Authorize and Capture: A payment is authorized and captured on the Paybox Direct site, and the back-end of your Magento Go store generates an order and an invoice.
    7. In the Credit Card Types list, select each credit card that can be used with this payment method.
    8. In the Payment from Applicable Countries list, do one of the following:
      • Select All Allowed Countries.
      • Select Specific Countries. Then in the Payment from Specific Countries list, select each country where the Paybox Direct payment method will be accepted.
    9. To set the position of Paybox Direct in the list of payment methods that is displayed during checkout, enter a numeric value in the Sort Order field. Enter 0 for the top of the sort order list, 1 for the second highest in the list, and so on.
  3. When finished, click the Save Config button to save the settings.