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Magento Go uses roles and permissions to create different levels of access to the Admin panel. Those who need administrative access can be assigned a role with a set of permissions that restricts the view of the Admin panel to only the parts that you want them to see. The number of Admin accounts that you can create is determined by your Magento Go plan.

When your store is first set up, you receive a set of login credentials for the Administrator role, with full permissions. However, you can restrict the level of permissions on a “need to know” basis for other people who work on your site. For example, a designer can be given access to only the Design tools, but not to areas with customer and order information. When the designer logs in to the Admin panel, the first page displayed will be the Theme Editor, rather than the Dashboard.

As a security measure, user accounts are locked after six failed attempts to log in. The account can be unlocked by another user who has Administrator permissions.