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Privacy Policy

Your Magento Go store includes a sample privacy policy that must be updated with your own information. For your convenience, your company name and contact information are already inserted into the document. The sample privacy policy should describe the type of information that your company collects, and how it is used. In addition, the privacy policy should list the filenames of all cookies that are placed on the computers of people who visit your site.

The Privacy Policy page is accessible from the Cookie Restriction message when Cookie Restriction Mode is enabled, and includes a description of each cookie that is used by your Magento Go store.  Any additional cookies that you use—such as for Google Analytics—should be added to the list.

To edit your Privacy Policy page:

  1. From the Admin menu, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content.
  2. In the Manage Pages list, click to open the Privacy Policy page.
  3. In the Page Information panel on the left, select Content.
  4. Remove the red text at the top of the page, and make any other changes necessary.
    If you are making a lot of changes, it might be easier to update the document offline, and paste the completed text back into the Privacy Policy CMS page.
  5. When complete, click the Save Page button.