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Product Description

Use the Description fields to add information about the product. The main product description appears on the product page in your catalog, and the short description may be used in catalog listings, depending on your theme. If permitted by the attribute properties, you can use the editor to add HTML formatting to the description.

Product Information: Description
Product Information: Description

Field Descriptions

Field Description
Description (Required) This is the main product description that appears on the product page. The text should be plain ASCII text, although HTML tags can be added to format the description. Do not paste text directly from a word processor, because it may include print control codes which do not render online. To strip out any stray control codes, save the file as a .txt file, before using the text in the product description.

Short Description (Required) Depending on the theme, the Short Description may appear on catalog pages, and is often used in RSS feeds.
The WYSIWYG Editor button appears below each field when the editor is enabled for your store. To learn more, see Using the Editor.
The Create New Attribute button gives you the ability to define a new attribute while working in product edit mode. Although you can save the new attribute, it is not automatically included in the attribute set associated with the current product.