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Setting Up a PayPal Sandbox

The PayPal sandbox is a testing environment that replicates a live PayPal production environment. It provides a self-contained space where you can observe your website processes without using any live PayPal accounts.

The PayPal Sandbox can be used to test the following payment solutions:

Note: For more information visit PayPal Sandbox User Guide

To set up a sandbox test account:

  1. Go to and log in using your PayPal credentials.
  2. In the Applications menu, click Sandbox Accounts.
  3. Click Create Account and do the following:
    1. Select your Country.
    2. Select your Account type. You can choose a personal account or business account.
    3. Enter a Password of 8-20 characters.
    4. Optionally, enter your First name and Last name.
    5. Enter your PayPal balance.
    6. Select whether or not you have a Bank verified account.
    7. Set Select payment card to Visa or Discover.
    8. Select a Credit card type from the drop-down menu.
    9. Optionally, enter any additional Notes.
  4. When you’ve completed your information, click Create Account.

To configure sandbox account in Magento:

  1. Find the payment solution you want to set up, and click the Configure button. (In this example, we select PayPal Payments Standard.)
  2. In the Basic Settings - PayPal Payments Standard section, click Advanced Settings.
  3. Set Sandbox Mode to “Yes.”
  4. Click the Save Config button to save the settings.
  5. Once configured, run some test transactions to make sure that your PayPal setup is capturing and processing the orders correctly.

    Activating Sandbox Mode
    Activating Sandbox Mode