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Setting Up a Google Sitemap

A Google sitemap is an index of all the pages in your site. However, unlike your store’s built-in sitemap, the Google sitemap is specifically designed to be used as a roadmap whenever their search bot crawls your site. You can set the frequency at which the sitemap is updated, and provide additional instructions for the search bot to follow in a separate file called “robots.txt”. Setting up a Google sitemap will improve the way your store is indexed by their search engine, and help it find pages which might otherwise be overlooked.

Before You Begin

When first setting up your Google sitemap, you must provide full access for Google to index your site. If you have already set up a robots.txt file, make sure that it includes the following instruction:


After your sitemap has been successfully submitted to Google, you can restore any previous instructions to exclude certain locations in your site.  If you have not yet set up a robots.txt file, you can do so after you finish the sitemap setup. To learn more, see: “Using a Robots.txt File.”

Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Generate a Google Sitemap

Step 2: Submit Your Sitemap to Google