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Setting Up Page Hierarchy

Your store’s page hierarchy system gives you the ability to organize your content pages and add pagination, navigation, and menus. If you publish a large amount of content on a regular basis, you can use page hierarchy to organize the content and make it easy for people to find articles of interest.

Page hierarchy can be accessed from an individual CMS page and also by using the Manage Page Hierarchy command. The CMS Page Hierarchy configuration settings activate the page hierarchy system and metadata, and determine the default menu layout.

Manage Hierarchy

The page hierarchy system uses nodes as references to identify related pieces of content, and to organize content pages into a structure of parent/child relationships. A parent node is like a folder that can contain child nodes and pages. The relative position of each node and page in the hierarchy is shown as a tree on the left side of the Manage Pages Hierarchy page. A node can contain other nodes and content pages, and a single content page can be associated with multiple nodes and other content pages in parent/child and neighbor relationships.

To configure the page hierarchy settings:

  1. From the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.
  2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under General, select Content Management.
  3. Click to expand the CMS Page Hierarchy section, and make any changes that are necessary.
  4. Click to expand the CMS Versioning section, and make any changes necessary.
  5. image
    CMS Page Hierarchy
  6. Click the Save Config button to save your changes.

Field Description
Enable Hierarchy Functionality Activates the use of page hierarchy for your content pages.
Options include: Yes / No
Enable Hierarchy Metadata Lets you associate meta data with pages in the hierarchy.
Options include: Yes / No
Default Layout for Hierarchy Menu Determines the default menu style. Options include:
Left Column
Right Column