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Setting Up PayPal Payments Pro (with Express Checkout)

(also known as “Website Payments Pro” outside the US)

Need help? Call PayPal Sales Support: 877-579-5973

PayPal Payments Pro brings you all the benefits of a merchant account and payment gateway in one, plus the ability to create your own, fully customized checkout experience. “PayPal Express Checkout” is automatically enabled with PayPal Payments Pro, so you can tap into more than 100 million active PayPal users.

The setup includes the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the Required Settings

You can have two PayPal solutions active at the same time:  PayPal Express Checkout, plus any one of the All-In-One solutions. If you change payment solutions, the one you used previously is automatically disabled.

  1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration.
  2. In the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select Payment Methods.
  3. In the Merchant Location section, select the Merchant Country where your business is located. If you leave this field blank, the default country from your store configuration is used.
  4. Under PayPal All-in-One Payments Solutions, in the PayPal Payments Pro section, click the Configure button.
  5. PayPal Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout)
    PayPal Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout)
  6. Under Required PayPal Settings, in the Payments Pro and Express Checkout section, do one of the following:
    • If you already have a PayPal business account, click the Setup or change your site permissions with PayPal button. Then, log in to your account and follow the instructions to complete the necessary permissions settings.
    • If you do not yet have a PayPal business account, click the “Click here to create an account” link.  Then, follow the instructions to set up your account.
  7. When complete, set Enable this Solution to “Yes.”
  8. PayPal Payments Pro Account Settings
    PayPal Payments Pro Account Settings

Step 2: Complete the Basic Settings

  1. If your store has multiple views, make sure to set Current Configuration Scope box in the upper-left corner to the view where these settings apply.
  2. Enter a Title to identify this PayPal Payments Pro during checkout. It is recommended that you use the title, “Debit or Credit Card.”
  3. If you offer multiple payment methods, enter a Sort Order number to determine the sequence in which PayPal Payments Pro is listed with the other methods.
  4. Set Payment Action to one of the following:
    • Authorization: With this payment action, there is a delay between the time that payment is approved, and when the funds are withdrawn from the customer’s account. A “hold” is put on the funds, but the amount is not withdrawn from the customer’s account until the funds are “captured” by the merchant.
    • Sale: The amount of the purchase is authorized and withdrawn from the customer’s account at the same time.
  5. Under Credit Card Settings, in the Allow Credit Card Types list, select each credit card that you accept. (Hold the Ctrl key down and click the name of each card.)

    Note: 3D Secure validation is required for Maestro cards. For American Express, an additional agreement is required.)

    Basic Settings - PayPal Payments Pro
    Basic Settings - PayPal Payments Pro

Step 3: Complete the Advanced Settings

  1. Set Payment Applicable from to one of the following:
    • All Allowed Countries: Accepts payment from the countries already specified in your configuration.
    • Specific Countries: Accepts payments from only the countries you specify.  Hold the Ctrl key down, and in the Payment Applicable From list, click each country where you accept payment.
  2. To require the customer enter the three-digit security code from the back of the card, set Require CVV Entry to “Yes.”
  3. If using 3D Secure Card validation, set Enable 3D Secure Card Validation on Frontend to “Yes.”
  4. Complete the following sections, as needed for your store:
  5. When finished, click the Save Config button.
  6. Advanced Settings - PayPal Payments Pro
    Advanced Settings - PayPal Payments Pro

Settlement Report Settings

  1. If you have signed up for PayPal’s Secure FTP Server, enter the following SFTP login credentials:
    • Login
    • Password
  2. To run test reports before “going live,” with Express Checkout on your site, set Sandbox Mode to “Yes.”
  3. Enter the Custom Endpoint Hostname or IP-Address. By default, the value is:
  4. Enter the Custom Path where reports are saved. By default, the value is: /ppreports/outgoing
  5. To generate reports according to schedule, under Scheduled Fetching, make the following settings:
    1. Set Enable Automatic Fetching to “Yes.”
    2. Set Schedule to one of the following:
      • Daily
      • Every 3 Days
      • Every 7 Days
      • Every 10 Days
      • Every 14 Days
      • Every 30 Days
      • Every 40 Days

      PayPal retains each report for forty-five days.

    3. Set Time of Day to the hour, minute, and second when you want the reports to be generated.
    PayPal Settlement Report Settings
    PayPal Settlement Report Settings

Frontend Experience Settings

  1. Select the PayPal Product Logo that you want to appear in the PayPal block in your store. The PayPal logos are available in four styles and two sizes. Options include:
    • No Logo
    • We Prefer PayPal (150 x 60 or 150 x 40)
    • Now Accepting PayPal (150 x 60 or 150 x 40)
    • Payments by PayPal (150 x 60 or 150 x 40)
    • Shop Now Using PayPal (150 x 60 or 150 x 40)
    • Tip: Use the Layout Editor to control the placement of the PayPal block in your store. It can be set to appear in the sidebar of your Home and catalog pages.

  2. To customize the appearance of your PayPal Merchant pages, do the following:
    1. Enter the name of the Page Style that you want to apply to your PayPal merchant pages.  The options include:
      • paypal: Uses the PayPal page style.
      • primary: The page style which you identified as the “primary” style in your account profile.
      • page_style_name: The name of a custom payment page style which is specified in your account profile.
    2. In the Header Image URL field, enter the URL of the image that you want to appear in the upper-left corner of the payment page. The maximum file size is 750 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.

      Note: PayPal recommends that the image be located on a secure (https) server. Otherwise, the customer’s browser may warn that “the page contains both secure and nonsecure items.”

    3. Enter the HTML hex code without the “#” symbol, for each of the following:
      • Header Background Color
      • Header Border Color
      • Page Background Color
    PayPal Frontend Experience Settings
    PayPal Frontend Experience Settings

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