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Setting Up DHL

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > DHL

DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions to manage the international transport of letters, goods and information.  DHL is available for international shipments, but is not used for local shipments.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the DHL shipping method for your Magento Go store.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Enable DHL

  1. From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration. Then in the Configuration panel on the left, under Sales, select Shipping Methods.
  2. Click to expand the DHL section. Then, do the following:
    1. Set Enabled to “Yes.”
    2. In the Title field, type a name that will be used to refer to this shipping method during checkout.
    3. In most cases, you can accept the default Gateway URL. However, if DHL has given you an alternate URL, enter the value in this field.
    4. Use the credentials provided by DHL to complete the following fields:
      • Access ID
      • Password
      • Account Number
      • Shipping Key (International)
      • Shipment Key
Enable DHL

Step 2: Complete the Package Description and Handling Fee

  1. In the Content Type list, select the option that best describes the type of package you ship:
    • Package
    • Letter
  2. The handling fee is optional, and appears as an additional charge that is added to the DHL shipping cost. If you want to include a handling fee, do the following:
    1. In the Calculate Handling Fee list, select the method you want to use to calculate handling fees:
      • Fixed Fee
      • Percentage
    2. In the Handling Fee field, enter the amount to be charged, based on the method you have chosen to calculate the amount. For example, if the charge is based on a fixed fee, enter the amount as a decimal, such as: 4.90. However, if the handling fee is based on a percentage of the order, enter the amount as a percentage. For example, if you are charging six percent of the order, enter the value as: .06.

    3. In the Handling Applied list, select how you want the handling fees applied:
      • Per Order
      • Per Package
    4. For packages that exceed 70kg, you can allow the total order weight to be broken up to ensure an accurate calculation of shipping charges. To permit this, set Divide Order Weight to “Yes.”
    5. Set the Weight Unit of the package to one of the following:
      • Pounds
      • Kilograms
    6. Set the Size of the package to one of the following:
      • Regular
      • Specific

      Then, enter the Height, Depth, and Width of the package.

  3. If your shipments are subject to international duty charges, set Shipment Dutiable to “Yes.”
  4. Enter the Maximum Package Weight as specified for your DHL account. By default, this field is set to 150.
  5. In the Shipment Duty Payment Type list, identify the party responsible to pay international duty charges:
    • Receiver
    • Sender
    • Third Party
DHL Package Description and Handling Fee

Step 3: Complete the Allowed Methods and Applicable Countries

  1. In the Allowed Methods list, select each shipment method that you support. (Hold the Ctrl key down to select multiple options.)
    To display the correct list of shipping methods, you must first specify the Country of Origin in Shipping Settings.
  2. Enter the Ready Time in hours after submission that it takes for a package to be ready to ship.
  3. Edit the Displayed Error Message as needed. This message appears when a selected method is unavailable.
  4. In the Free Method list, select the shipping method you prefer to use for offers of free shipping.

    This is similar to Free Shipping, but appears in the DHL section so customers will know which method is used for their order.
    Then, set the Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount to one of the following:

    • Enable: If offering Free Shipping with Minimum Order, enter the Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping.
    • Disable: Does not apply free DHL shipping to any orders.
  5. Enter the Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping that must be met for a package to qualify.
  6. Set Ship to Applicable Countries to one of the following:
    • All Allowed Countries
    • Specific Countries

    If shipping to specific countries, select each country from the Ship to Specific Countries list. (Hold the Ctrl key down to select multiple countries.)

  7. Set Show Method if Not Applicable to one of the following:
    • Yes: Displays all options, even if not applicable to the order.
    • No: Displays only applicable options.
  8. In the Sort Order field, type a numeric value to determine the sequence in which DHL appears when listed with other shipping methods during checkout.
  9. When complete, click the Save Config button to save your changes.
DHL Allowed Methods and Applicable Countries