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Step 2: Adding a Markup Tag to a Page Link

Replace the Store Address with the Store URL Markup Tag

The Store URL tag represents the base URL of your website, and is used as a substitute for the “http address” part of the store URL, including the domain name and “dot com.” There are two versions of the tag which you can use, depending on the results you want to achieve.

URL Markup Tags

store direct_urlLinks directly to a page.
store urlPlaces a forward slash at the end, so additional references can be appended as a path.

In the following examples, the URL Key is enclosed in double quotes, and the entire markup tag is enclosed in double curly braces. When used with an anchor tag, the markup tag is placed inside the double quotes of the anchor.

  1. If you are starting with a full URL, delete the “http address” part of the URL, up through and including the “ forward slash.” In its place, type the Store URL markup tag, up through the opening double quote.
    {{store url="apparel/shoes/womens"}}

    Another approach is to type the first part of the Store URL markup tag, and paste the URL key or path that you copied earlier.

    {{store url="
    {{store url="apparel/shoes/womens"}}

  2. Type the closing double quotes and double curly braces to complete the markup tag.
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