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Step 2: Linking an Image to a Page

Mark Up the Image Tag

  1. Starting with a standard image tag, replace the part that is inside the double quotes with the first part of the Media URL tag, as follows:
    <img src="{{media url="
  2. Immediately after the last double quote, enter the path and filename of the image, according to its folder location in Media Storage. Then, enter the closing double quote and double curly braces to complete the markup tag.
    <img src="{{media url="shoe-sale.jpg"}}
    <img src="{{media url="banners/shoe-sale.jpg"}}
  3. To complete the image tag, enter the closing double quotes and alternate text, followed by the end ( />) tag.
    <img src="{{media url="shoe-sale.jpg"}}"/>
    <img src="{{media url="shoe-sale.jpg"}} alt="Shoe Sale"/>

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