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Page Layout Variations

Each page of your store has a fixed header and footer, with a content area that is divided into one, two, or three columns. The manner in which page layouts are used throughout your store is determined by the theme.You can apply different layouts to any content page that you create, including your home page.

1 Column Layout

1 Column

The “1 Column” layout can be used to create a dramatic home page with a large image or focal point. It’s also a good choice for any content page that has a large amount of text, or a combination of text, images, and video. A single-column layout can give the appearance of multiple columns if the text is formatted into columns using HTML and CSS.

2 Columns with Left Bar

The “2 Column with Left Bar” layout is often used for pages with navigation on the left. You will find this layout used for catalog and search results pages that have “layered navigation” It’s also an excellent choice for home pages that need additional navigation or blocks of supporting content on the left.

2 Columns with Left Bar Layout
2 Columns with Right Bar Layout

2 Columns with Right Bar

The “2 Column with Right Bar” layout is the one that is used for the home page examples in this guide The main content area is large enough for an eye-catching image or banner. This layout is also often used for product detail pages that have blocks of supporting content on the right.

3 Columns

The “3 Column” layout has a center column that is wide enough for a column of text, with room on each side for additional navigation and blocks of supporting content. The Customer Service page in the sample data is based on the 3 Column layout. (You will find a link to that page in the footer of your store.)

3 Column Layout
Empty Page Layout


The “Empty” layout can be used to define your own page layout. For example, you can use the Empty layout to create a custom 4-column page.

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To learn more about page layout, see the Magento Go Design Guide.

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