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Using Cookies with Implied Consent

Using cookies with implied consent is the method that is currently the most widely adopted in the UK.  Implied consent means that visitors to your store have a clear understanding that cookies are a necessary part of operations, and by using your site, have indirectly granted permission to use them. The key to gaining implied consent is to provide enough information for a visitor to your site to make an informed decision.

The following instructions show how to create a message that appears at the top of all standard pages in your store. The message should provide a brief overview of how cookies are used by your business, with a link to another page for more information.

Step 1: Create a Cookie Notification Block

  1. Create a static block that includes your cookie notification, with a link to your Privacy Policy or other CMS page for more information. To learn more, see:
  2. When the block is complete, use a frontend app to place the block at the top of each of the main pages in your store.  To learn more, see: Placing a CMS Block with a Frontend App

    Be sure to make the following settings in the Layout Update section of your frontend app:
    • Set Display On to “Generic Pages (All Pages)”
    • Set Block Reference to “Page Top”

Step 2: Update Your Privacy Policy

Your Magento Go store includes a sample Privacy Policy page that should be modified to describe the type of information that your company collects, and how it is used. The sample Privacy Policy page includes a description of each cookie that is used by your Magento Go store.  Any additional cookies that you use—such as for Google Analytics—should be added to the list.