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Using the Frontend App Tool

A frontend app is a snippet of code that makes it possible to display a wide range of content, and place it at specific block references through your store. Many frontend apps display real-time, dynamic data, and create opportunities for your customers to interact with your store. The Frontend App tool makes it easy to place existing content, such as blocks, banners, and interactive elements most anywhere in your store.

Frontend Apps

In addition, the frontend app code that you generate can be easily incorporated into other content directly from the editor, by clicking the Insert Frontend App button. Here are a few ways you can use the Frontend App tool:

  • Create landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Dynamically update information such as recently viewed items
  • Place promotional images at specific locations in your store
  • Incorporate interactive elements and action blocks, such as external review systems, video chats, voting, and subscription forms
  • Include alternate navigation elements, such as tag clouds, rotating banners, and catalog image sliders
  • Add interactive and dynamic Flash elements that can be easily configured and embedded with content

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