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Using the Layout Editor


Watch the video tutorial! The Layout Editor lets you control the display of any standard, built-in block in the left and right columns of your store. You can add, rearrange, lock in place, and remove blocks from view. The Layout Editor cannot be used on single-column pages, and is disabled for the Customer Account Dashboard. To apply block layout changes to the Customer Dashboard, see: “Creating a Frontend App,” in the Magento Go Design Guide.

Note: Before launching the Layout Editor, make sure that your browser is set to allow popups.

To launch the Layout Editor:

  1. From the Admin panel, select Design > Layout Editor.
  2. Click the Launch button.
  3. Launching the Layout Editor
    Launching the Layout Editor

    The Layout Editor opens in a new window, with each available block outlined in red. From the Layout Editor, you can now do any of the following:

    Layout Editor
    Layout Editor

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