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Working with Content Blocks

A block is a modular unit of content that can be positioned almost anywhere on the page.  Blocks can be used to display static information such as text, images, and embedded video, as well as dynamic information.

Magento Go includes a selection of built-in blocks that you can use to add capability to your store.  In addition, you can create your own custom blocks of content, and schedule them to appear for a range of time, season, or promotion.  Your store includes the following selection default CMS blocks, which you can modify as needed:

  • Top Callout
  • Footer Links
  • Checkout Callout

Learning to use blocks puts you in command of your content! In this section, you will become familiar with the built-in and default blocks that come with Magento Go, and learn how to create new blocks.

Home Page with Default CMS Blocks
Home Page with Default CMS Blocks