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Page rank has improved. Conversion has improved. Customers are using the social media tab to make pages viral, so customers are happy to recommend the site to others.
- Sarah Taona Weeks, thebeautypot.com

Interview with Sarah Taona Weeks of TheBeautyPot.com

How did you find out about Magento Go?
Searching on the Internet comparing eCommerce platforms, also contemplating a complete bespoke build versus a platform that already had the basics set up.
What made you choose Magento Go over other eCommerce platform solutions?
Firstly we needed a platform that had the same features already on the old site. Magento Go had these.

The most fundamental reason for choosing Magento Go was that we needed a platform that was secure, the uptime of the site was near on perfect, and that the payment process was seamless from adding a product into the shopping basket to checkout.

Other requirements we needed that Magento Go provided: currency conversion, guest checkout, promo codes, customer reviews, easy to customize store colours and background images to tie in the store to promotions or relevant holidays. Magento Go will allow us in the future to improve the functionality of the store, as Magento Go grows we know that the features it will offer will also increase and improve.
Have you used any other eCommerce platforms before? If so, what makes Magento Go different?
Yes. Magento Go’s support is brilliant and also flexible, you get to discuss your questions with a person, rather than receiving a generic answer. The set up before you even start provides a strong web store that customers and search engines will love.
What were your goals with starting this site?
www.TheBeautyPot.com was previously a bespoke built website, the hosting company was increasingly letting us down with the site being hacked and the site being down so many times that we ended up spending half a day offline whilst we worked with the hosting company. We no longer have these issues.
What are the most valuable features of Magento Go?
Guest checkout – this has increased our sales. The ability to view shipping prices before checking out and without signing in (has reduced the questions about shipping costs).
How has your experience been with Magento Go thus far?
Totally brilliant.
What are your goals for the future of the site?
To create sites in different languages. Hoping to see if Magento Go and eBay will create a way to cross sell onto eBay. To get a best sellers front end app.
How has Magento Go impacted your business in terms of sales, conversion rate, etc.?
Page rank has improved. Conversion has improved. Customers are using the social media tab to make pages viral, so customers are happy to recommend the site to others.
What advice would you give to merchants like yourself just getting started with Go?
If you have no web design skills then choose a template that’s best for you, it then just requires you to add text, images and content.

Read the Magento Go User Guide and Build Guide - you don’t necessarily have to read it page to page but just to get an understanding of what Magento Go can do, and if you find something you like then it shows you how to set it up.
Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Glad to have found you. Platform is great. Support is really helpful. So easy to set up and manage.
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