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My expectations of Magento Go were extremely high. Though DogGeekz is not a household name yet, the day we grow to uncontrollable numbers Magento Go will be waiting right there for us. I can wake up everyday knowing that we don't have to worry about infrastructure speed, up-time, or handling a global presence when the time comes.
- Samuel Nieves, doggeekz.com

Interview with Samuel Nieves of DogGeekz.com

How did you find out about Magento Go?
I found Magento Go after aborting various eCommerce platforms. I heard of Magento Go during the use of Magento's Community Edition which was self-deployed. When it came to finally trying out Magento Go I was in love. It was the hosted solution that answered and solved all problems.
What made you choose Magento Go over other eCommerce platform solutions?
The decision of using Magento Go over other eCommerce platforms came down to built in SEO and ease of design. Magento's built in tools for SEO were mind blowing. From meta keywords/descriptions, to having complete control over page titles and assigned urls. Magento has a great Google base importing tool and a one-click sitemap generator to submit to Google webmasters tools. Google analytics only took seconds to install to watch daily traffic and conversions from landing pages. The greatest tool though is the url re-write management system. Changing the url of indexed products in Google search needs to be done with 301 redirects to preserve search engine rankings for that particular page — this was a no brainer in our decision. Lastly, Magento Go's theme editor was a breeze to use. Being able to upload a custom css file along with javascript files for a unique and fully customizable web site was a huge money saver. People with no experience in design can master the art of creating an engaging website with Magento's built in design tools.
Did you try another platform before? What makes Magento Go different?
We tried a few platforms before finally finding Magento Go. Yahoo and BigCommerce were big names that were very easy to find and try. We gave them a shot, but with only days into testing we cancelled the trials. Yahoo and BigCommerce both lacked a sophisticated SEO and design system. With Yahoo, creating product urls were a headache. Yahoo stores also has a very basic template system with no control of design. In order to get a professional website done with Yahoo our team would need to shell out close to $10k with one of Yahoo's design partners. With BigCommerce it was also an SEO and design issue. It would cost a couple thousand to get a decent looking website. The biggest flaw in BigCommerce was having no control over urls, the product page title is the url. In Magento Go your page title can be “Larry the Octopus” for example while the url is “octopus-dog-toy” No one knows who Larry the Octopus is, but there might be 6 thousand daily Google searches for an octopus themed dog toy. Make sense?
What were your goals with starting your site?
Our goals with starting DogGeekz were pretty simple. It needed to be SEO driven with a great design system for easy touch ups. SEO will provide organic sales and keep CPC advertising down and an easy design system will also allow anyone on our team to go into Magento Go's backend to make huge or small edits without being a 'tech'.
How easy was it to start your store?
Going live was pretty easy. It took about 1 month to get the site prepared, this consisted of importing products, picking colors, and laying out the foundation. Magento Go's use of the static block and front end apps feature made this a mind blowing experience. Mind you this took $0.00 to create.
What were your expectations of Magento Go?
My expectations of Magento Go were extremely high. Though DogGeekz is not a household name yet, the day we grow to uncontrollable numbers Magento Go will be waiting right there for us. I can wake up everyday knowing that we don't have to worry about infrastructure speed, up-time, or handling a global presence when the time comes. I can also rest assured that Magento Go will continue to change and grow along with the internet — it’s a never ending process ;-)
How has your experience been with Magento Go thus far?
Our experience using Magento has been amazing. The staff over at Magento headquarters are truly helpful. It feels great talking to someone in person and getting an issue resolved after submitting a support ticket. Not to mention their community forum dedicated to Magento Go which is full of informative guides and gurus sharing a wealth of information all for free.
What are your goals for the future?
Our goals at DogGeekz are to increase our online presence. Being in such a competitive market it is important to use the best online tools to promote and deliciously display our online catalog. Growth and company maturation is what we look forward to.
Do you have plans to expand your site globally?
Definitely something that can happen in the future. For now we are concentrating on becoming a household name for Eco-conscious dog owners in search of high quality dog supplies in the United States. We have plans of getting more into branding, so global expansion is definitely there for discussion.
What are the best parts of using Magento Go?
The best parts of using Magento Go are the design tools. Magento Go has full-blown html, video, and image input with only a few clicks of the mouse. We are constantly offering seasonal offers and promoting products using Magento's rotational banner feature. Keeping the site fresh with new banners and products is important for us. Creating an interactive and informative site is what we strive for.
How has Magento Go impacted your business in terms of sales, conversion rate, etc.?
Magento Go has impacted business for DogGeekz for the better. Conversions are the result of well laid out proposals. A good looking website definitely helps customers feel like they are buying from a great company. Magento Go's ability to seamlessly integrate with all the great Google tracking and conversion tools has allowed us to properly make adjustments in our campaigns or keyword selection for products.
What advice would you give to other small business owners?
Advice I would give to other small business owners is to think about the longevity of your online business. Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? How will you get there? Many entrepreneurs have a great brand or product but fail to get it out. Magento Go is definitely our solution to a bright future. With an amazing development team, I know for a fact Magento Go will continue to grow and incorporate the everyday changing tools the internet has to offer. I truly feel like I have the advantage over some competitors for using Magento Go as my eCommerce solution. Choosing an eCommerce platform for your business should not take minutes or hours to decide on, it’s something your really have to think about if you want to make it on the internet. The internet is unforgiving but very rewarding if you make great decisions.
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