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Linda Zingg

Traffic increased by 25% almost immediately.

- Linda Zingg, oldblueprints.com

Interview with Old Blueprints:

How did you find out about Magento Go?

Through an internet search. We were hunting for an affordable eCommerce package that used a major eCommerce CMS.

What made you choose Magento Go over other eCommerce platform solutions?

Magento Go has the best internet presence - the product is well designed. Ease of use was very important to us, as we have a range of skills in the people who post products and write copy. We thought that being a part of the Magento family would make us more visible to search engines and other avenues of getting traffic. A single source - we wouldn’t have to cobble together a bunch of open source components.

What were your goals with starting this site?

To build a successful retail site and to become the source for architectural wall art and products.

How easy was it to start your store?

Setting up the store was painless! We opted to customize a lot of the site (another great feature of Magento Go) so it took us a little longer to go live than if we had used a template.

What are the most valuable features of Magento Go?

We love that everything is in one place and we can implement additions and changes quickly.

How has your experience been with Magento Go thus far?

Great. The support team is very responsive.

What are your goals for the future of the site?

We want to increase the product line and traffic!

How has Magento Go impacted your business in terms of sales, conversion rate, etc.?

Traffic increased by 25% almost immediately.

What advice would you give to other small business owners?

Be patient – start simple and look for a manageable pace for growth.

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